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Big Moves for Hack/Slash and IDW

Shortly after the recent announcement that Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash is moving from Devil’s Due Publishing (DDP) to Image Comics, Chris Ryall (Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing) announced that IDW has been made Diamond’s fifth “Premier Publisher” – joining Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image in what he refers to as “The Premier Five”. While I congratulate […]

Phil Hester on Antoine Sharp – The Atheist

The Atheist was a 4-issue mini-series written by Phil Hester featuring Antoine Sharp, nicknamed “The Atheist” and described as “a scalpel on two legs – skeptical, brilliant, ruthless. A special agent with a shadowy department of the U.S. government, Sharpe applies his unconventional intellect to any paranormal threats that arise. His mission: Debunk or destroy!”

On Jack Kirby’s Estate vs. Marvel/Disney

Despite stories on The New York Times and L.A. Times websites (among many others), there still seems to be a fair amount of confusion regarding the situation, particularly in the comments sections of many comic news sites and forums…