I have been interested in tech, comics and gaming for the last 20 years. Not just a Podcaster, I also designed and maintain the Kryptographik, Welcome to Heavenside and this web site.

I’ve dabbled in writing with back up stories in Revere and Titanium Rain.

Also I’ve recently starting doing Comic Reviews for Dynamic Forces so you can see more of my writing there.

Along with co-hosting Kryptographik and hosting Welcome to Heavenside, he has been a guest on the Comic Timing, Comic Book Noise, Raging Bullets and Comic Book Page podcasts amongst also being mentioned on a lot of other podcasts.

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Amber freelances for Dynamic Forces and the Girls’ Entertainment Network writing reviews and nabbing interviews. Her blog focuses on costumes but has links to social networking sites to follow. For more of her intriguing coverage on comics and costuming refer to her blog at herofashions.blogspot.com and her video channel youtube.com/amberthestylist.

Also make sure you go over to her new website at Amber Unmasked.

She appears as a guest on many podcasts as well.



Jason became an illustrator because of his love for comics and a meeting with Shel Dorf. Though a 21-year military career sidetracked him, he’s dove back into the comic book scene with his own Web comic, “Brothers in Virtual Arms,” which he writes and illustrates.

He also writes frequently. He has two novels out of query, an online science fiction serial, “Galactic Milk,” published weekly. “Web comics Reviews and Interviews” featured Jason during an hour-long interview in the fall of 2009.

In addition to better than 100 awards for writing, illustration, design, photography and management, Jason blogs infrequently on his Web site, www.jasontudor.com, where you can see samples of all of the above, and provide comments to the same.

He also likes curling and ski jumping, but don’t throw rocks at him for it. His Xbox 360 gamertag is BulletSponge869. Shoot him.