The Walking Dead to Intro Fear Season 2 Character in Airplane Stand-Alone Special

The Walking Dead to Intro Fear Season 2 Character in Airplane Stand-Alone Special

As Fear The Walking Dead explores a different angle of the zombie apocalypse well-removed from Rick Grimes and Alexandria, crossover rumors have repeatedly flown back and forth. That flight has just become literal, as Season 6 will host a series of Walking Dead shorts set on an airplane, introducing a new character for Fear The Walking Dead Season 2. Confused yet?

According to Entertainment Weekly, AMC has begun development of a new half-hour stand-alone special following a group of airplane passengers as The Walking Dead begin to rise mid-flight. One passenger will survive the event, and go on to join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 (seemingly setting the flight Los Angeles-bound), airing at some point mid-2016.

AMC will air the special online (it’s unclear if the untitled airline short replaces the yearly web series), also broadcasting portions during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead Season 6 itself. As the report notes, details on casting and characters may remain scarce, so as not to spoil who ends up surviving to join Fear Season 2.

Thus far of The Walking Dead Season 6, we know that Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins has joined the series in the comic role of Alexandria runner Heath, alongside new additions Ethan Embry and Merrit Wever. AMC has also released clips and a few photos, amid previews of a fleshed-out comic backstory, while we’ve broken down the Season 6 trailer, and previewed exactly how grotesque walkers will look by the October 11 premiere.

We’ll see more of The Walking Dead Season 6 on the road to October, and learn what we can of the special, so check out the trailers again below, and stay tuned for the latest from cast and crew.

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