David Lynch Casts Doubt on the Return of Twin Peaks

David Lynch Casts Doubt on the Return of Twin Peaks

When it comes to the eagerly anticipated return of “Twin Peaks,” it appears one thing is for certain: We’re 100 percent sure that we’re not completely sure what’s going on.

Just when it seemed everything was going smoothly with Showtime’s revival of the cult series — Kyle MacLachlan and Sheryl Lee are on board! — co-creator David Lynch has introduced some doubt into the minds of excited devotees: Fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks reports that during an exhibit of his art over the weekend in Australia, Lynch revealed “there are complications,” and he’s unsure the third season will actually happen.

Asked later by Australia’s ABC News what it feels like to return to “Twin Peaks” after 25 years, he replied, “I haven’t returned yet. And we’re still working on the contract. But I love the world of ‘Twin Peaks’ and I love those characters. And I think it will be very special to go back into that world.”

Citing a “trusted source,” Welcome to Twin Peaks contends the scripts are finished for the nine new episodes, but “contract negotiations aren’t going as expected.” As one fan noted, it’s entirely possible Lynch is merely being cryptic, which would surprise no one at all. But is comments are still enough to rattle fans who’ve been waiting two decades for more “Twin Peaks.”


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