David S. Goyer & SyFy Developing Krypton Superman Origin Series

David S. Goyer & SyFy Developing Krypton Superman Origin Series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David S. Goyer and SyFy are developing a new television series based on the Superman mythology. “Krypton” will follow the Man of Steel’s grandfather on his home planet of Krypton, years before the planet’s destruction.

“Once Upon A Time” scribe Ian Goldberg is set to write the script based on a story co-developed with Goyer, a veteran of multiple DC Comics-based live-action adaptations. Both will serve as executive producers. The television drama will come from Warner Horizon Television and DC Comics.

The series seems to take its cue from “Gotham,” the Batman series without Batman that focuses on a young Bruce Wayne, as well as Detective James Gordon and the officers of the Gotham City Police Department. Yet while “Gotham” has the advantage of being able to introduce any number of iconic Batman villains as younger versions of themselves, “Krypton’s” timing and setting would certainly make it challenging to do the same for much of Superman’s rogues gallery, barring Kryptonian or intergalactic villains like Zod or Brainiac.

“Krypton” is the latest in a series of DC Comics-based projects to find a home on television. In addition to this season’s debut series “The Flash,” “Gotham,” “Constantine” and the midseason premiering “iZombie,” future series include “Titans,” in development at TNT; and “Supergirl,” in development at CBS. A “Preacher” pilot has also been ordered at AMC.

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