Guillermo Del Toro Has Turned in His Justice League Dark Script

Guillermo Del Toro Has Turned in His Justice League Dark Script

The script for “Dark Universe,” director Guillermo del Toro’s frequently discussed take on DC Comics’ “Justice League Dark” concept, has been handed in to Warner Bros., Forbes reports. It’s expected to be read by executives over the weekend.

It’s of course a significant development for the project, first mentioned by del Toro in November 2012, and a good sign for fans dismayed by its absence from Warner Bros.’ recently announced DC film slate. As the director indicated in July — and as Neil Gaiman seemingly confirmed just last month — the studio is keeping its superhero properties separate from supernatural fare like “The Sandman” and “Dark Universe.”

Like “Justice League Dark,” del Toro’s film centers on characters from the occult corners of the DC Universe, with the director confirming the inclusion of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman and Zatanna.

When asked last month about the status of the project, del Toro replied, “Well, I know they are basically behind closed doors, determining the destiny of the whole DC Universe. And that is way above my pay rate.” However, he made it clear he’s only waiting for a greenlight. ‘If they call, I will build it!”

If development does move forward, “Dark Universe” will have to overcome two immediate obstacles: the studio’s movie slate, which calls for the release of “at least” 10 DC adaptations through 2020, and del Toro’s own schedule, which includes “Crimson Peak,” “Pacific Rim 2,” “Pinocchio,” FX’s “The Strain,” a “Pan’s Labyrinth” musical and maybe — just maybe — the fabled “Hellboy 3.”

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