Aaron “Adventures of Aaron” Warner Returns to Comic Books in “Number One”

Aaron “Adventures of Aaron” Warner Returns to Comic Books in “Number One”

After a long hiatus working on newspaper strips, Aaron “Adventures of Aaron” Warner can again be seen in comic book form. “Number One,” a full color, done-in-one-issue story looking at 50 years of comic book history through the life of one comic book retailer, can be ordered in July’s Previews from Aazurn Publishing.

Many fondly remember the skillful drawings and wacky comedy in Adventures of Aaron, released by Image in 1997. The critically acclaimed newspaper strip then ran for over 10 years, was read by over six million newspaper subscribers, and garnered a Rueben Award nomination from the National Cartoonist Society.

From 2002 to 2007, Warner syndicated A College Girl Named Joe, a college-themed daily strip that became the number one downloaded comic feature through MCT Campus.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Aaron on ‘Number One,’” said writer Gary Scott Beatty. “Aaron loves comic books and is a small business owner, so he immediately understood that comic shop owners deserve to have a story devoted to the ups and downs of comic book retailing.”

Beatty met Warner at conventions in the ‘90s and colored his “Adventures of Aaron”Sunday pages. Warner now works with wife Angie at Cartoon Studios (cartoonistforhire.com) and his collected works are available at Amazon.com.

“‘Number One’ is a very personal story and Aaron captured the hope, passion and despair in the characters beautifully,” said Beatty. “It’s not a comedy. With ‘Number One,’ Aaron showed he can take on a drama, get inside the characters, and draw expressions that just amaze.”

In ‘Number One,’ comics help Steve through some tough times growing up and he turns his love of the medium into a comic shop business. We see whether operating the business is worth the toll it takes on his family. Steve’s tale brings readers through decades of comic book history.

“I set out to write a story that, in an personal way, can explain to those outside our community why we love comics,” Beatty explained. “I’m extremely happy Aaron drew that story.”

Art and story samples, and video previews, can be seen at http://garyscottbeatty.com/

“Number One” can be ordered from July 2014’s Previews catalog under Aazurn Publishing.

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