Vodka O’Clock 2-Hour Vodkaversary Special

Vodka O’Clock 2-Hour Vodkaversary Special

The Ever Lovely Amber Love has put out her 2 year anniversary of the Vodka O’Clock Podcast.

As she said on her site about it:

“Today is the anniversary of the VODKA O’CLOCK podcast or what I call my VODKAVERSARY. Two years ago, I decided to launch my own show about entertainment and social issues which I had been doing on YouTube as videos. It’s a bit a easier for me to work with only the audio and since I’ve been living with a long commute I’ve appreciated audio podcasts even more. This is a special two-hour episode featuring ANDE PARKS and DAMIAN SMITH.”

Now I can see people turning in for Ande but if your interested in hearing me after I have been drinking all day make sure you go over to Amber Unmasked and give it a listen there or download via iTunes or Stitcher.

As always it was fantastic otherwise to catch up with Amber as it has been far too long since the last time we chatted without a website crash!

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