Celebrate 50 Years of Daredevil in April with Daredevil #1.50

Celebrate 50 Years of Daredevil in April with Daredevil #1.50

This April, grab fifty fearless years by the horns in DAREDEVIL #1.50! Brought to you by critically acclaimed Daredevil scribe Mark Waid and red-hot artist Javier Rodriguez, this special anniversary issue celebrates Daredevil’s legacy not by reflecting on the past, but by barreling headfirst into the future!

“At editor Steve Wacker’s suggestion, we’re celebrating the Man Without Fear’s 50th anniversary not by looking back–but by looking forward,” says series writer Mark Waid. “With a special story set in the future, on Matt Murdock’s 50th birthday, peppered with clues for sharp-eyed readers as to what the rest of 2014 will hold for Daredevil!”

But that’s not all! DAREDEVIL #1.50 comes jam-packed with a hailstorm of brand-new backup stories crafted just the special occasion, courtesy of Horn Head’s most iconic creators!

What will tomorrow bring for Matt Murdock, and how will this year’s events play into his unexpected future? Can a man truly stay fearless forever? The answers and even more surprises–will hit sooner than you’d expect! Hang on tight, because the future for Matt Murdock is now in DAREDEVIL #1.50!

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