Ebenezer Scrooge Hunts Christmas Demons in a New Indie EBook

Ebenezer Scrooge Hunts Christmas Demons in a New Indie EBook

PRESS RELEASE: EBENEZER SCROOGE HUNTS CHRISTMAS DEMONS IN A NEW INDIE EBOOK, ANOTHER CHRISTMAS CAROL Ghosts, goblins, demons and other ghastly, ghoulish creatures want an apocalypse for Christmas in the new holiday-horror novella Another Christmas Carol Available now for $.99 through most major ebook retailers, Another Christmas Carol, a holiday tale of horror by indie writer Brian Hofacker.

One hundred seventy years after Charles Dickens published his acclaimed A Christmas Carol (1843), indie writer Brian Hofacker brings Ebenezer Scrooge back from the dead to save the world in a new holiday-horror ebook Another Christmas Carol. Christmas is a time of goodwill and peace on Earth, but that is about to change. The Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future are forgotten, lost and dying.

Ignorant and Want—those yellow, meager, ragged, scowling, wolfish children hiding within the folds of the robe of the Ghost of Christmas Present—have become the new Spirits of Christmas, and they have returned to bring Doom to the world. To make matters worse, they are not alone… a Demon called Doubt, has joined their ranks, and he wants nothing more than to bring about the end of days. Only one man can stop this apocalypse—Ebenezer Scrooge. But hasn’t he been dead for nearly two hundred years?

“Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a ghost a story,” said indie writer Brian Hofacker, “and one of the scariest parts of that tale is the characters of Ignorance and Want. They are so creepy when they reach out from under the robes of Christmas Present—so I wanted to explore their full, most frightening potential. What if they became the new Spirits of Christmas? And here they are, not Spirits but Demons, all grown up and wanting to bring about the Doom the Great Spirit warned us of. “Of course, there is also the question of ‘why, of all people, did Ebenezer Scrooge deserve redemption?’ And I explore that, as well. Then I tossed in goblins, zombies and a bunch of other apocalyptic monsters and old gods, and packed it full of allusions to the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Matthew Arnold, Christina Rossetti and other Victorian writers.

Overall, I think Another Christmas Carol is a good deal of fun and monsters.” Another Christmas Carol is available as an ebook right now through most major retailers, including itunes, Barnes & Noble, and smashwords, https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/377764 as well in paperback (155 pages) through lulu.com.

For a review copy and more information about about Another Christmas Carol please follow on twitter @BrianJHofacker About Brian Hofacker: A graduate of Rutgers University and a veteran of the comic book and publishing industries, Brian Hofacker has worked with Stan Lee, John Romita Sr, Howard Chaykin, Ken Haeser (The Living Corpse) and other comic book creators through the years. He spends his time as an indie writer, adventurer and hard traveled hero, surviving on a pulp diet of old fashioned cocktails, classic cartoons, comic books and vintage surf boards. On the weekends he can be found cruising the highways of South Jersey in his El Camino and, with his trusty ray gun by his side, doing his best to save the world from the ever looming threat of space monkeys, zombies and killer robots. In his spare time he surfs the waves of the Jersey Shore (not very well) and writes books.

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