February 2014 DC Titles Get Steampunk Variants

February 2014 DC Titles Get Steampunk Variants

As we will see when February solicitations come out on Monday, DC has announced (exclusively to CBR) that select titles in February will get a Steampunk variant.

Steampunk as a sub-genre has been on a rising comeback in recent years. We’ve seen many instances of this at smaller companies and independents, like Arcana’s Steampunk line, including the phenomenal Steam Engines of Oz. So it’s no surprise to see one of the big two going this route and showing some love to the sub-genre. And it will no doubt entice fans of Steampunk to seek out these variants.

Steampunk, for those that aren’t aware, is a sub-genre of science fiction around the turn of the century heralding in the Iron Age with an infusion of Victorian Era sensibilities and backgrounds fused with industrial weapons and accoutrement. Think Lovecraft.

The titles that will receive the Steampunk variant treatment are…

“Justice League” #28
“Justice League of America” #12
“Justice League Dark” #28
“Aquaman” #28
“The Flash” #28
“Wonder Woman” #28
“Batman/Superman” #8
“Earth 2” #20
“Superman/Wonder Woman” #5
“Action Comics” #28
“Superman” #28
“Batman” #28
“Detective Comics” #28
“Batgirl” #28
“Batman and Two-Face” #28
“Batwoman” #28
“Nightwing” #28
“Green Lantern Corps” #28
“Green Lantern: New Guardians” #28
“Teen Titans” #28

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