07/21/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum

07/21/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum


A bit of a content slow-down this past week due to my attendance of San Diego Comic Con.  I tried to keep info flowing via the ComicSpectrum Twitter feed @ComicSpectrum, but didn’t get as much of a chance to post new content as I’d have liked.  We had the CBLDF party on Thursday night, the Eisner Awards on Friday (we were at a VIP table thanks to the good folks at MyComicShop.com),  Saturday we had our annual “Drink & Swap” where we trade comics & TPBs.

That said, we did add August solicit links & new blogs for Original Art & Sketches this week.  I put up an initial post and we should soon start featuring stuff acquired at the con on both these photo-streams.  I picked up 13 interviews using our new “20 Words” format at SDCC and I’ll be posting those up over then next month or 2.

Bob’s Comic of the Week for July 21st


News: 2013 Eisner Awards announced at SDCC; IDW announces several new Artist’s Editions; Seven Seas Manga & Comixology announce Digital Distribution Agreement; SDCC: It’s Tea-Time at Comic-Con; SDCC: BBC Worldwide & IDW celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Ann; SDCC: Archaia & Alyssa Milano announce ‘Hactivist’ GN; SDCC: ,Victor Santo’s webcomic Polar comes to Dark Horse; The Memory Collectors coming in Oct from IDW & menton3; Dynamite signed Peter Milligan, James Robinson, and Steve Niles; McAfee release 2013 “Most Toxic Superheroes” list

Comic Reviews: Prophet #37 (Image); Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers #1 (Marvel); Batman #22 (DC); Numbercruncher #1 (Titan); Walking Dead #112 (Image); Detective Comics #22 (DC);  Sheltered #1 (Image)

Movie Reviews: The Conjuring

Original Art Blog: Cerebus #17 p.1 (Dave Sim)

Sketch Blog: Zatanna by Amanda Conner

Webcomic Reviews: Dinosaur Comics; For Lack of a Better Comic

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