The Revelations of Zang

The Revelations of Zang

For the first time ever John R. Fultz’s popular Zang Cycle, which literally invented the Pen & Sorcery genre, has been collected into a single volume.


After centuries of living under tyranny of the Sorcerer Kings a people’s uprising threatens to rock the Golden City. What could be so powerful, so influential to cause the commoners to take up arms against their occult masters? A story. A tale penned by a lone scribe named Artifice who dares challenge the Council of Dictators.

John R. Fultz’s Zang Cycle is about the power of storytelling. It shows that even in a world dominated by magic and gods the pen is still the most powerful weapon of all. According the Fultz, the guiding inspiration for these tales was a desire to give fantasy readers a hero who is, first and foremost, an intellectual. “The Quill isn’t saddled with the role of a reluctant savior,” says Fultz, “or weaned on blood and iron to lead a conquering army. No, he is a thinker, a philosopher, an Artist.”

“… a powerful tale filled with imaginative and satisfying S&S goodness; meanwhile, Fultz never loses sight of the fact that even necromantic geeks have feelings.” –SF Site

01 Publishing is proud to make the full Zang Cycle available in a single volume for the first time ever. Until now, the only way to follow Artifice The Quill on his journey of discovery was in the pages of WEIRD TALES and BLACK GATE magazine. And it wasn’t until the publication of THE REVELATIONS OF ZANG that this epic could be experienced in its complete form. Seven of these interrelated stories are previously unpublished, including the 16,000-word novelette “Spilling the Blood of the World,” which brings the entire Zang Cycle to a staggering finale. THE REVELATIONS OF ZANG is currently available through the Kindle store and the Nook.

John R. Fultz is a storyteller whose work has appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines, and comics. The first two volumes of his Books of the Shaper trilogy, SEVEN PRINCES (2012) and SEVEN KINGS (2013), are both now available from Orbit books. The trilogy’s concluding volume, SEVEN SORCERERS, will follow in December 2013. His graphic novel of epic fantasy, PRIMORDIA, was published by Archaia Entertainment in 2012. He lives in the California Bay Area, but is originally from Kentucky.


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