06/23/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum

06/23/2013: What’s New on ComicSpectrum


Bob’s Comic of the Week for June 26th

Bob is in China, sorry for the limited news coverage this week…..

News & reviews
News: Boom! acquires Archaia Studios; Hero Happy Hour returns from Arcana with “On the Rocks” in August, 2013

  Comic ReviewsA User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting (Drawn & Quarterly), Ghost Town #1 (Action Lab Comics/Danger Zone); Green Lantern #21 (DC); Mara #5 (Image); Superman Unchained #1 (DC); The Walking Dead #111 (Image)

  Digital Comic Reviews: Who Needs the Moon #1; Dead Future King #2 ([sic] Monkie)

  Manga Reviews: Dragonball 3-in-1 (Viz); Rorouni Kenshin: Restoration Vol. 1 (Viz)

  Webcomic Reviews: The End; Ctrl+Alt+Del

Movie Reviews: World War Z

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