Sinister Dexter

Sinister Dexter

It was announced today that the exploits of 2000 AD’s Finnigan “Finny” Sinister and Ramone “Ray” Dexter will be hitting American shores when the long-running world of SINISTER DEXTER is reprinted by IDW in 2014!

The pair of futuristic “gun sharks”-read: hit men-will be roaring in hot from Downlode, the European mega-city they call home, and they’ll be bringing an unbelievable cast of characters with them! From the original stories written by Dan Abnett and drawn by Andy Clarke, SINISTER DEXTER chronicles a vibrant, madcap world of futuristic intrigue and action. Deadly ninjas, acrobatic flying car chases, shape-shifting robot assassins, a devious Yakuza? All in a day’s work, dear reader. All in a day’s work.

‘”With its deft mix of black comedy and gritty urban action, the exploits of Sinister Dexter have remained a popular mainstay in 2000 AD for the past 17 years,” said 2000 AD’s Editor-in-Chief Matt Smith. “With IDW reprinting a selection of their tales, I hope a whole new audience is going to enjoy meeting the gun-lovin’ criminals.”

“I’m happy to expand our relationship 2000 AD,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “It’s been a pleasure working with the guys there, and even moreso because the books that we’re producing together are such fun things to expose to this market in an even grander way. Abnett and Clarke’s Sinister Dexter stories are gritty, crazy, and action-packed bursts of adrenaline and I can’t wait to set them loose among American comic readers.”

“IDW have demonstrated a real passion for 2000 AD’s stories and we’re delighted to develop our relationship with them further,” said Ben Smith, Publishing Manager for 2000 AD and Rebellion. “It’s fantastic to see the amazing work of two such significant creators as Dan and Andy set to reach even more readers.”

While specific plans have yet to be announced, it’s certain that between the thousands of pages of explosively excellent material, there are more than a few worthwhile collections to be had!

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