Anomaly Introduces Shifter

Anomaly Introduces Shifter

Anomaly is planning a new original graphic novel, Shifter, which will be released in November as a Golden Age-sized, 200-page hardcover for $24.99. Anomaly’s Brian Haberlin described the story. “Shifter is a contemporary action/adventure mystery, sort of like a Hitchcock movie with a sci-fi twist,” he said. “A character framed for murder eventually finds an alien observation post, and doesn’t know what the hell it is. The alien used to jump into different creatures’ bodies to experience life on Earth, and that’s what our character can do even though he’s all been busted up. He can’t get out of the place, but he uses the animals to solve the murder he’s been framed for and eventually deal with the bad guys.”

Like the company’s first release Anomaly, Shifter will have an augmented reality app that will display interactive 3D animation when pointed at key pages from the physical book. The app will take things one step further for Shifter, though. Shifter will also have another app, which is a face mapping app where you point your camera phone or iPad at yourself and it map animals onto your face that will move as you move, record your vocalizations, and you can automatically email them to social media.

The company is continuing to add features to its Anomaly app. “For Anomaly, in two weeks we’re updating ten more augmented reality points,” Haberlin said. “One of those points will be an interactive game. We now have the cover on the fancy box enabled. And we have the first interactive with vocalizations in the book. We have a scene in the book where the main character is sort of doing a pissing match with a big, giant character and they’re yelling at each other. You can now yell at one of the characters in the augmented reality and the character will yell back. Parents are going to hate me forever for that, but….”

Haberlin also said that word on Anomaly is spreading, and sales are still robust. “We’re selling out and it’s the first day of this show,” he told us at C2E2. “Every show we’ve been going to lately we’ve been bringing more and more copies. Right now it’s Friday at C2E2, 5 or 6 o’clock, and we’re pretty much sold out already. I think there’s growing knowledge about it.”

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