Iron Man 3 Creative Director Reveals Inspiration Behind ’70s Throwback End Credits

Iron Man 3 Creative Director Reveals Inspiration Behind ’70s Throwback End Credits

Art of the Title has posted an interview with Iron Man 3 Creative Director Danny Yount about the film’s memorable end credits sequence, which mixes footage from all three Iron Man films together in one glorious, ’70s throwback montage. The interview takes you through the end credits’ entire creative process, from the more tech-driven first approach, to an animated Iron Man striptease, up through to the ultra-’70s demo that led to the final product.

“[Director] Shane [Black] is open to retro things — as evidenced in ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ — so he wanted something kind of like an old film title… like Pablo Ferro’s ‘Bullitt’ titles,” explains Yount. “And I’m a product of the ’70s and ’80s so I love old TV crime drama titles like ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ and ‘Get Smart.’ I’m also a huge fan of the classic comedies like ‘Airplane!’ and ‘The Naked Gun,’ which to me are all about taking a very serious subject and finding the right way to make it extremely unserious.”

The original demo included the theme song from ’70s cop show “The Mod Squad” and upped the retro-feel considerably. Yount explains how much of that initial inspiration made its way to the final cut:

“In the test I used the music from an old show called ‘The Mod Squad,’ which was the cool show to watch back then. Now, the music is so campy that it’s hilarious. Everyone seemed delighted by the tone and the comedic moments found in unexpected freeze-frames. But the ’70s vibe was a little heavy-handed for them so we ended up somewhere in the ’90s, with drop-shadowed type and TV-like wipes and split screens. The color freezes are about the only ’70s aspect of the style but it seems to work well overall.”

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