Kickstarter – CineManiac: Horror Edition

Kickstarter – CineManiac: Horror Edition

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Sure, my friends and I are having a great time watching psychopathic killers stalk co-eds — but why can’t I be WINNING while I’m doing it?”


CineManiac: Horror Edition is the interactive card game you play while watching scary movies.  The rules are simple: score points by using Plot cards that coincide with what’s happening on screen.  Holding a card that you don’t like? Just play it face down, lose a couple points, and draw a new one!

But at the center of its little black heart, CineManiac is a party game.  And what’s a party game without the ability to humiliate your competition?  Curse cards force your opponents to reenact scenes, impersonate horror icons, and otherwise do your dastardly bidding!

The game is easy to learn, fast-paced, and can be enjoyed by anyone who loves scary movies.

A single deck of CineManiac: Horror Edition cards provides enough fun for 2-5 players, but the game can accommodate much larger groups (note that there are a few cards which require 3+ players, but these can be easily removed for 2-player movie nights).  In order to make sure there are enough cards available, we recommend using one full deck per increment of 5 people.


128 high quality jumbo-sized cards (for easy reading in the dim light of your living room) collected in a beautiful sturdy box with instructions and a list of suggested horror movies!.  But wait, there’s more! …

We are offering two unique cards as an exclusive reward for Kickstarters at the $20+ pledge level: “Death Pool” (a Plot card) and “Killing Spree” (a Curse card).

All cards are illustrated by professional (and incredibly talented) comic book artist Mike Henderson.  Mike is known for his work on Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Banshee (among many others) — and now he’s bringing his dark, gorgeous style to CineManiac.

If we’re fortunate enough to go beyond our initial funding goal, then the following treasures will be dug from their graves:

$20kScorekeeper App: We will produce a FREE app for iOS (and, if possible, Android) that helps players keep track of their point total and includes a handy film button to capture your friends’ best “improv” moments.

$25k: Zombie Boyfriend MP3: Every contributor at every level will receive a FREE mp3 of Scarlet Virginia‘s “Zombie Boyfriend” (the theme song for our video)!

30k: Bonus Zombie Cards:  Every contributor at the $20+ level will receive TWO BONUS CARDS to be added to the deck whenever the players decide to watch a zombie movie!!

40k: Bonus Slasher Cards: Every contributor at the $20+ level will receive TWO BONUS CARDS to be added to the deck whenever the players decide to watch a slasher movie!!

50k: Bonus Atomic Monster Cards: Every contributor at the $20+ level will receive TWO BONUS CARDS to be added to the deck whenever the players decide to watch a 50’s classic horror!!

75k: Zombie Expansion: This is an upgrade to the $30k Stretch Goal — Every contributor at the $20+ level will receive the ENTIRE CineManiac: ZOMBIE EXPANSION PACK well before its retail release, to be mixed with the base CineManiac.

*The last sentence of each Pledge Reward, marked with an asterisk, is subject to our making a deal with the devil and/or a gypsy matriarch, and therefore may be replaced with a “Thank You” email at our discretion.

Video created (and a billion public domain horror clips reviewed) by Lindsey Halliday.

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