David Gerrold Offers to Write Superman

David Gerrold Offers to Write Superman

An openly gay author, David Gerrold, has volunteered to write Superman for DC Comics.

David Gerrold published an open letter in response to the publisher’s controversial hiring of prominent anti-gay campaigner Orson Scott Card to pen the first arc of the digital first Adventures of Superman.

“I see that you have hired a writer for Superman who has written strongly of his opposition to equal rights for LGBT people. And I see that there is an online petition protesting that move,” wrote Gerrold on Facebook.

“Perhaps you could balance that decision by hiring an openly gay writer to draft a Superman story for a future issue. I hereby volunteer.

“I have been a fan of Superman since Bud Collyer played him on the radio. (Before TV was invented.) I can remember Brainiac’s first appearance, and Bizarro too. And I cried when George Reeves died.”

Gerrold’s credits include work on the original Star Trek series, Babylon 5, Land of the Lost, The Twilight Zone and The Adventures of Superboy. He also wrote two issues of DC’s Babylon 5 comic.

DC has published a response to the controversy defending the “freedom of expression” of its writers while distancing itself from “personal views [that are]… not those of the company itself”.

The National Organization for Marriage – on whose board Card sits – has accused the writer’s critics of being “completely un-American”.

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