Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 2/6/13

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 2/6/13


Winter Soldier #15 by Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire

Haha, remember when I thought Winter Soldier #14 was the last of the series? Turns out I may have misread, and it was in fact the last of the Brubaker & Guice run. My bad. Anyway, turns out it was for the best because now the awesome covers can continue on! While I love the blues and reds being incorporated into this cover, the combo of the two slightly reminds me of the Free States from D.M.Z. for whatever reason. Bottom-line is, this is a wonderful cover, and I hope Shalvey & Bellaire have more coming down the line.


Thunderbolts #4 by Julian Totino Tedesco

The thing I love about this cover is the gamma-powered Madman is so powerful, he’s sucking the color red out of all the Thunderbolts (their team colors are black and red). Raw annihilation as chaos reigns supreme. Like the rest of the Thunderbolts, I’m completely blown away by this intense cover.


Dial H #9 by Brian Bolland

Crisp, yet creepy; Bolland’s specialty! I do appreciate his clean and brisk designs, then to include something radical like an ant’s head certainly captures my undivided attention. However, if he was going for a human/insect hybrid, the leg count doesn’t add-up (insects = six legs, arachnids = eight or more). But since Bolland is such a legend in the industry, I’ll let it slide this one time.


Dia De Los Muertos #1 by Riley Rossmo

Ah yes, Señor Rossmo and his muy delicioso artwork. A project like this is right up Rossmo’s alley, for the themes and stylings of the Dia de los Muertos are his specialty. The skull face paint, the cooler tones injected with bits of warmer tones, and the sketchy skeletons in the bottom half there all really capture that essence of what the holiday is about. I was giddy as a señorita when I first saw this cover in previews. ¡Viva Riley Rossmo!


Colder #4 by Juan Ferreyra

I get the chills just looking at this cover. It’s incredibly eerie to me, with all the intricate veins flowing throughout his body like that. The white-hot heart seems to causing the steam to rise, as the golem slowly stirs. It’s as almost that the body was frozen, and might crack with the sudden addition of heat coursing through his veins. This cover reminds me of a more undead take on the Katy Perry song; “Cause you’re hot then you’re cold / You’re yes then you’re no / You’re in then you’re out / You’re up then you’re down…”


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow – Wonderland #4 by David Mack

This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down! If it has David Mack attached, chances are it’ll be my favorite cover. This one is no exception, for Mack has been absolutely slaying these Willow covers from the very beginning. I demand framed posters of each and every one of these! They’re just so beautiful, and I’m captured by their spell every time I glance at one. The colors, the design, and the illustration all just sing in perfect harmony to my eyes, and I never want this series to end because of it.

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