Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 1/23/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 1/23/12


Winter Soldier #14 by Daniel Acuña

I’m just an absolute sucker for Acuña’s art, it’s not even funny. Even with this simple looking design, I’m entranced by every minute detail; the bleeding country, the abstract dripping blood, the intensity in both their eyes. It feels like the more complicated their relationship, the wilder things are in the sack. It may also be with this cover that I’m pumped for the show The Americans next week, and the intensity that was the Cold War. It was a good run for Brubaker and Guice, and this was a great cover to end with.


Masks #3 (Variant) by Jae Lee

Sometimes a cover is sexier when you just let your imagination run wild. After a hard day of fighting crime, sometimes you just need to let the girls breathe. Jae Lee definitely knows how to illustrate a beautiful woman, and with nothing else on the cover to distract from the heroine in question, it allows the viewer to really study every curve and color choice. I’ve really been enjoying his variant covers ever since this series started, because like Francavilla, Lee knows how to make pulp enticing.


The Massive #8 by J.P. Leon

I love J.P. Leon’s raw energy he incorporates into every one of his illustrations. The layout for this cover is fantastic as well, for every fragment highlights something different. You can feel the intensity in every panel, as the coloring helps dictate the mood as well. Beautifully executed, wonderfully thought-out, this cover is truly the cat’s pajamas.



Young Avengers #1 by Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson

Speaking of awesome layouts, how about this beauty from McKelvie & Wilson? It reminds me of a Grand Theft Auto cover, only more colorful and friendly. Every character and their color have something to bring to the table, and the slanted design keeps the overall feeling exciting. I even left the banner at the bottom alone because it almost feels like it belongs with this particular cover. Marvel should definitely use this image as the cover to the first trade paperback, because it’s just too amazing to pass-up!


Saucer Country #11 by Ryan Kelly

This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down! Nothing creepier than aliens mixed-in with some fantasy. The symmetry alone is gorgeous, as well as the design for every wing. And that’s quite the innocent looking specimen in the middle, as she’s now a part of a collection for the rest of her days. It always goes back to the hatred towards Lepidopterists, and questioning how they are able to kill something so beautiful just for preservation’s sake. That pin to the foot looks particularly uncomfortable, unless it’s more along the lines of fairy acupuncture. Eerie-yet-enticing cover, and a job well done by Ryan Kelly.

Double Feature: Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #20 by David Yardin &
Batwoman #16 by J.H. Williams III

Two beautiful covers, both involving serpents and the heroes who fight them. With Yardin’s cover I love his use of water colors, and every painstakingly illustrated scale and muscle. It’s by far my favorite Ultimate Comics cover, because usually they tend to look rather ugly across the board. With Williams III’s cover, I like the rippling of Batwoman’s cape, and the different shades of red that are produced. Also the skull eyes of Medusa are a nice touch, as she watches on with that malicious glare. If only Captain America, Batwoman, and Wonder Woman were to team-up and slay all the snakes together! Now that would be a comic I’d read in a heartbeat!

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