Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 11/21/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 11/21/12

The Shadow #8 (Variant) by Tim Bradstreet

Remember that hilarious film of the same name a while back starring Alec Baldwin? Yeah, let’s forget about that movie and focus on this awesome cover instead! It reminds me of an old pulpy movie poster, with the nice effect of folds and creases as if it were plucked from a magazine and well-loved over the years. The cross hatching is wonderful, as well as the simple black, white, and red all over color choices. I’d definitely see this movie. Who should star in the remake? I nominate Jon Hamm. Or Michael Fassbender.

Fables #123 by Joao Ruas

I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve seen these kinds of faces before in another medium. Pan’s Labyrinth maybe? Anyway, the smooth and marble-like texture in their faces makes me feel chilly just looking at them. Then looking into their dark eyes makes me feel somewhat calm, as if I know they’re the good guys or something (probably just lulling me into a false sense of security). Very simple design, and in this case that’s all it takes to catch my eye.

Batwoman #14 by J.H. Williams III

Possible crossover with Jonah Hex?? Entirely possible by the looks of the Stetson, and radical redesign of the Confederate flag. However, if it is Hex back from the dead, that just proves how much of a badass he really is; a sonuvabitch so crazy, the Devil himself kicked him out of Hell. But what’s with the Medusa figure in his silhouette? Is she controlling this dead man, only to make matters even more complicated for Batwoman & Wonder Woman? It’s an enticing cover, and does a good job getting me all antsy to find out if it in fact is Jonah Hex or not. Then again, if it is, Williams III and Blackman are going to have to do a damn good job keeping him as entertaining like Palmiotti & Gray have all these years. Pretty cover, whatever the actual story may be.

Comeback #1 by Michael Walsh

Anyone else fooled for a second, thinking it was Tonci Zonjic? I certainly was. I mean, the style looks almost identical to Zonjic, so I don’t feel bad mistaking the stylings of Mr. Walsh with another great artist in this medium. Can you guess which one of these shades of blue is actually an x-ray machine? It’s the TSA variant cover, I believe. I definitely like how there’s something slightly altered in each of the shades, but the skeleton definitely draws the eye to that second shade in particular. I also enjoy how my brain could make out the title of the comic, despite the ‘back’ being backwards. MY BRAIN IS ON IT’S A-GAME TODAY, FELLAS (just like Michael Walsh is with this cover)!

The Unwritten #43 by Yuko Shimizu

Speaking of beautiful shades of blue, have I introduced you to my favorite cover of the week (hands down)? Because Shimizu definitely deserves that top honor this week, with this magnificently gorgeous cover. That brilliant shade of blue pigmentation of the hands, combined with the darker blue frilly cloth, and lighter outlines all around. Even on the main character’s face you can see reflections of blue, with even the air bubbles around him also contributing to the overall illustration. Eiffel 65 comes to mind when looking at this cover. Calm-yet-eerie, this cover is absolutely superb in every way. I would proudly hang it in my room if it were made available as a poster.

Hellblazer #297 by Simon Bisley

One of the things I’ll miss the most about this series will be the Simon Bisley covers. He has that perfect combination of punk rock and magic needed when it comes to a character like Constantine, and I always get excited in anticipation when his illustrations are the first things I see before flipping to the story inside. I especially love the spiky, thick hairs in this cover, but at the same time I laugh because I can imagine those would be a bitch to try and shave. The Oi-Oi-Oi Fairy is wonderfully executed as well, and I’m definitely a fan of those symmetrical skulls on her wings. This cover is like Constantine’s eye; radical looking.

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