Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 10/31/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 10/31/12

Fatale #9 by Sean Phillips

Fifty Shades of Green…and Tentacles (Now a New York Times Best-Seller!). Sean Phillips does a marvelous job setting-up a creepy tone with this cover. The color choices alone are spectacular, for the red jacket really pops on the green background, but those shadows are so sinister, that it keeps you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. Phillips leaves no space wasted, and for that I applaud his consistent diligence.


Higher Earth #6 by Garry Brown

When I look at this cover, I get pumped-up and ready to ROCK! Lightning bolts make everything that much more radical, and the sound waves emitting from Earth make it appear that our upside-down planet is a mere beacon of cool. Brown knows I’m a sucker for his color schemes, and this cover in particular does a fantastic job in capturing my attention as I slowly dissect each layer according to color. This is a poster I’d proudly display on my wall, for it’s a great conversation piece.


The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #3 by Chris Samnee

This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down! At first glance it appeared that there was a dinosaur in the helmet’s reflection. Big deal, seen it before, yada yada yada. But upon closer inspection, Samnee has brilliantly incorporated a pterodactyl perfectly parallel to the helmet’s design. Mind = blown. I get excited looking at this cover, for while seemingly simple, the execution is marvelous. The eye widened in terror is the cherry on top. A job well done, Mr. Samnee! This is the cover you use for the eventual collected edition.


30 Days of Night #11 by Christopher Mitten

There have been scientific studies that show the colors red and yellow cause you to feel hungry. Hence, why McDonalds is so popular with their huge golden arches. I think I might have been hungry as well this week when picking covers, for this color scheme is the same as the Higher Earth cover. The design is different obviously, but this epiphany on what colors I prefer in my covers has me rethinking my life…or at least the notion that I should eat something before choosing next time. Back to this wonderful cover, I really like the collection of smoky skulls hovering above the unnerving toothy grin. Splattering effects tickle me pink, and when done well like Mitten has demonstrated with this cover, I instantly crave more of his art.


Haunt #27 by Nathan Fox

Man, I hate it when a giant purple veiny hand grabs ahold of me when I’m out for a stroll! The nerve(s) of that hand! When viewing a cover like this one, I just get the sense that Fox had a blast creating it, and just went wild with the background swirls and twirls of both veins and colors. I feel slightly patriotic when looking at it (‘MURICA!). And for whatever reason, the solid green individual just works for me, for he’s the only object that hasn’t been molested by veins or other colors. It’s obvious our attention is being drawn to his fate, and he might just have to pay the piper from the looks of things.

Whispers #4 by Joshua Luna

These Before Watchmen crossovers are just getting out of control now.


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