Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 10/24/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 10/24/12

A-Babies vs X-Babies One-Shot by Skottie Young

It’s a shame this one-shot wasn’t a 12-issue event, for I got more excited for this cover than any of the actual Avengers vs X-Men covers. Young’s playful style works well when depicting the mightiest mini marvels of the 616 Universe, as they epically rough-house as kids are wont to do. May the most adorable win! My favorite sight-gag of the whole cover however has to be the lowercase ‘a’ in both the title and on Captain America’s forehead. It’s just too darn cute!


Fables #122 by Joao Ruas

Oh my, what nasty, big, pointy teeth you have! Who the mysterious woman is, we don’t know, but it’s safe to assume that Bigby isn’t too thrilled with her for whatever reason. The pastel-like colors, the eerie patch of blood underneath the paw, and the smearing of the logo really do it for me, bringing that feeling of artistic beauty to the cover. Ruas continues to kill it on these covers, despite DC’s attempts to desecrate his art with a goddamn Arrow banner up top.

Astonishing X-Men #55 by Phil Noto

My favorite cover of the week, hands down. In this endless war between mankind and mutants, it sometimes feels as if every mutant is but a mere bullet in the chamber, most effective if aimed at certain targets. In they constantly go, willing to take one for the team. I highly doubt you can get mutant ammo at your local Walmart, and for the Wolverine bullet in particular you might need to persuade him with a Silver Bullet (Coors Light). Great concept, fantastic execution, I can definitely see this as the image to use for the eventual hardcover.


Adventure Time #9 (Cover D) by Jon Vermilyea

I’m pretty sure if I gave this cover to a child, they would freak the fuck out and run away crying. Therefore, I propose this cover be made into a black light poster aimed at the stoner audience (the other fan majority of Adventure Time). “YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS??” *takes hit of bong* “No really, do you? I just forgot. OH GOD! PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM’S FACE IS MELTING!!!” Very trippy cover, with some radical color choices. Bravo, Vermilyea!

Deadpool #63 by Dave Johnson

Simple, yet effective. It took 63 issues to happen, but finally his own logo became susceptible to gravity. I saw it as an appropriate cover for the final issue, and bravo to Dave Johnson for all his hard work on the past 37 Deadpool covers.


The Unwritten #42 by Yuko Shimizu

I can shout from the rooftops that everything Shimizu creates belongs in an art museum only so many times, before the neighbors get annoyed and call the police. Look at the flames, look at the Death’s-head Hawkmoths, look at the ghostly girls in the background. Not only is the use of space fantastic, but the color scheme is top notch as well! In my opinion, Yuko Shimizu is who artists should strive to embody when it comes to designing covers; make every single one look like it belongs in a gallery.

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