PSP Comic Store Closes in October

PSP Comic Store Closes in October

If you ever purchased a digital comic through Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Comic Store on you PlayStation Portable or PSP Go, chances are pretty good that, over the weekend, you have received an email from Sony headquarters informing you that the service will be coming to a close on Oct. 30.

Perhaps to soften the blow, the announcement of the Comic Store’s closure was accompanied by a darling picture of Sackboy decked out as God of War’s Kratos. How can you be upset about losing your digital comic provider when an adorably scowling Kratos is staring back at you?

The message was sort and sweet, stating that, after Oct. 30, “users will be unable to purchase comic content from the PS Store’s Comic Store.” However, where licenses permit, previously purchased or downloaded content will still be available for download through mid-January of 2013.

“After this date users will no longer be able to re-download any previously purchased content,” the press email went on to say. “You can, however, back up your content using Media Go.” Media Go basically turns your computer into a storage facility for all of your PSP content, whether it be games and save files or movies, music and, yes, comics. Here’s everything you need to get that rolling.

Now comes the speculation. With the PSP on its way out the door, it’s likely Sony simply did not wish to keep pumping funds into something that, in all likelihood, wasn’t making them a mountain of cash to begin with. The timing is also interesting, as PlayStation Mobile is supposed to launch sometime in October. Is it possible Sony has struck a new publishing deal with various publishers to continue providing comics through its new service meant for tablets, smart phones and the PlayStation Vita?

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