Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 9/26/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 9/26/12

Space: Punisher #3 by Mark Texeira

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this cover screams “Absolute 90’s” to me; the excess of muscles, the fierce-looking battle cry, and the giant guns blazing at no one in particular. Hell, Frank even has a ponytail! And yet, I love everything about this cover. It’s so wacky, so intense, and it even has a murdered Galactus front and center. I heard a rumor that this cover was going to double as the album cover for the next Dethklok record, it’s so metal. Texeira’s style here is like the love-child of Esad Ribic and Mike Zeck, and that’s the highest compliment I feel like I can bestow upon this piece.

The Spider #5 by Francesco Francavilla

Every time I see the Spider, I just imagine in some alternate universe Peter Parker and Lamont Cranston were playing Frankenstein, creating a monster of their own beings. Moving on, I’m loving the shadowing Francavilla accomplishes with the cape, for it makes the red webbing pop that much more on the equally red background. Also, how about those cool little strands of purple about? Love it! Zombies inbound? No problem, time to use his cool webbing gun, a must-have for every Johnny this holiday season. Beautiful stuff, and as always, nice and pulpy for such a noir character.

Elephantmen #43 by Brandon Graham

My favorite cover of the week, hands down. If you’re not familiar with Brandon Graham, shame on you! The man has been producing tons of great stories these past few years, and equally amazing art as well. This is a great example of Graham’s feeling and style in a nutshell, and what better comic to pair with for a cover than Elephantmen? That’s a setting right up Graham’s alley, and the result (as you can see) is truly mesmerizing. There’s so much to study with this illustration, that it’s an added bonus that you get both back and front covers here. Brandon Graham is one of those creators I will gladly support if I see his name or art attached. Do yourself a favor and go pick-up King City today!

Rachel Rising #11 by Terry Moore

Kissing a girl who had a snake’s tongue would be pretty disturbing, but to kiss a girl with a snake as a tongue would be even more disturbing. It’s at that point in the relationship you calmly suggest the two of you should see other reptiles. Moore knows how to use color to his advantage with these covers to his black and white comic series. The barf-ilicious background stained with drops of blood make the viewer feel queasy, and the cherry on top are her murderous eyes. Oh, and the snake head emerging from her mouth. But we already covered that aspect, didn’t we? 2/10 WOULD NOT BANG.

Captain America & Black Widow #637 by Francesco Francavilla

Francavilla double feature! You know what the best part about being a test tube baby is? You get a womb with a view.

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