Walking Dead Cast: More Zombies And More Violence In Season 3

Walking Dead Cast: More Zombies And More Violence In Season 3

AMC has released a new featurette for The Walking Dead and, if there’s anything you should take away from it, it’s that the new season will be more badass than any that have come before. The cast is present in its entirety for the video, and each member teases how their character and the show’s dynamics have changed from season two to season three.

“Everybody’s more badass, everybody’s more pissed off, everybody can deal with the situation, so in season three it’s a lot about people versus people rather than people versus walkers,” Norman Reedus explained.

A lot of the actors involved in the new season have said that the tempo of the show is going to pick up right from the first episode. Andrew Lincoln said they “hit the ground running” and the “energy of the opening episode certainly sets the tone” for the rest of season three.

There will be new locations, “very compelling” new characters, “shocking deaths” and many more zombies, some of which we actually get to see in this video. The featurette also gives us a new tease at Woodbury that, as David Morrissey said, adds a completely new dynamic to the show. The survivors have “no fear at all” when season three opens, so they’re described as being like a strike force.

Though things might be going well in the group as a whole, the relationship between Rick and Lori is said to be as bad as it’s ever been. Rick has turned into something of a control freak, but at least Daryl has since become his number two. Oh, and IronE Singleton promised much more T-Dog this time around.

“Season three is an amazing ride. I just say fasten your seatbelt,” Danai Gurira said. “Probably a lot more violence, but this is an apocalyptic war zone.”

“The Walking Dead” returns on October 14.

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