Captain America Actor Anthony Mackie Hasn’t Seen His Falcon Costume Yet

Captain America Actor Anthony Mackie Hasn’t Seen His Falcon Costume Yet

Steve Rogers won’t be the only superhero fighting his way through Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The star-spangled super-soldier will have a new pal at his side in the form of Sam Wilson, the hero better known to comics readers as Falcon.

The Hurt Locker actor Anthony Mackie stars in the “Cap” sequel as Falcon, and he recently spoke with MTV News about why he’s so proud to take on the iconic role.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “The biggest part of it is, I think kids for so long have been looking for a role model or someone to look up to. I feel like this being truly the first African American superhero, being introduced in this movie and in this way, I feel like it’s going to be great.”

As for the film’s directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Mackie said, “The Russo brothers are great. They’re very funny guys and they’re great when it comes to storytelling. I’m interested in how it’s going to turn out.”

Mackie also said that he’s looking forward to putting his suit on, though he still isn’t sure what he’s going to look like when the film starts shooting.

“Marvel is really weird, because they don’t let you look at the script. They’re like, ‘Listen, we brought back Robert Downey Jr., so you might want to be down with us,'” he laughed. “But there’s going to be a lot of Anthony in a tight suit kicking ass. Everybody wanted me in spandex, and now you’ve got it — hours of it!”

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