How Much Longer Until a Samurai Jack Movie?

How Much Longer Until a Samurai Jack Movie?

Genndy Tartakovsky is one of the most creative minds in animation these days and we’re a big fan of his work. Needless to say, the prospect of a “Samurai Jack” film would be something we really want to see. In an interview with IGN, the question was posed about whether we would eventually see the long talked about film.

He said: “I’ve been trying so hard every year, and the one amazing thing about Jack is that I did it in 2001, you know, and it still survived. There’s something about it that’s connected with people. And I want it, it’s number 1 on my list, and now Bob Osher, the President (of Digital Production at Sony Picture Entertainment), is like ‘Hey, let’s talk about Jack. Let’s see what we can do.’  And I go, ‘You’re going to do a 2D feature animated movie?’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah. Maybe. Let’s do some research and let’s see.’ So it’s not dead for sure by any means, and it’s still on the top of my list, and I’m trying as hard as I can.”

They also mention that the passing of actor Mako (who provided the voice of the sinister Aku) would be an issue that would be remedied before the project fully moves forward.

The original series ran from 2001 to 2004 with a total of 52 episodes. It detailed the adventures of the time displaced Jack attempting to return to the past and change the future where the evil lord Aku reigns supreme.

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