Cerebus High Society Negatives Destroyed

Cerebus High Society Negatives Destroyed

Very sad news. Even as a recent kickstarter campaign had raised money for a new digital edition of Dave Sim’s seminal HIGH SOCIETY storyline in Cerebus, in a horrible stroke of irony, all of those negatives and all the digital scans made from them have gone up in flames, as the home of Sandeep Atwal, burned to the ground. Sim updated the situation on the Moment of Cerebus page:

“Dave Sim, here: Just thought everyone should know: Fisher came over today and asked if I had heard from Sandeep. No, I hadn’t. Hands me today’s Record. Front page: Sandeep’s place — and the buildings on either side of him — were gutted by fire yesterday afternoon. He got out in one piece but with nothing but the clothes on his back and his wallet (he had been in the shower and a cop showed up at the door: “You have the leave. Now”) The whole place went up in about five minutes.

All of the negatives for High Society were destroyed as well as the 11×17 scanner and the new negative scanner. No insurance. So, I thought I’d better let everyone know that we’re definitely not on track for the September 12 launch at this point.

I don’t expect that I’ll hear from Sandeep for at least a few days — he’s staying with friends and obviously has a lot more important things to think about than High Society Digital.

Okay — gotta run to make my 3:00 prayer. Please feel free to relay this to anyone you think should know. Particularly people who are waiting on High Society Digital.

While the loss of the negatives is sad, thankfully there was no loss of life. A donation button has been set up for Atwal, who was Aardvark Vanaheim’s communications manager, and helped keep Sim connected to the world digitally.

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