Doctor Who and the Ultimate Weeping Angel

Doctor Who and the Ultimate Weeping Angel

When it was first announced that the Weeping Angels were returning in a Series 7 episode set in New York, we wondered if was more than a coincidence that one of the world’s greatest statues resides there.


Possible Spoilers…

Ok, it’s safe now

According to the Daily Star, who have more right than wrong with Doctor Who rumours lately, the famous Statue of Liberty will indeed turn out to be a Weeping Angel.

They state:
The Doctor and companions Amy and Rory travel to America to battle a new army of Weeping Angels.

And they get a massive shock when the 305ft-tall statue in New York harbour turns out to be the biggest one of them all.

Voted the BBC show’s scariest-ever monsters, the killer statues spring to life only when they are not being watched.

And if fans of the series are not hiding behind the sofa, they will also need to get their hankies out.

It’s in the Weeping Angels episode that Amy and Rory (played by Karen Gillan, 24, and Arthur Darvill, 28) bow out in tragic circumstances.

Show boss Steven Moffat, 50, has warned: “There will be a final showdown with the Weeping Angels.

“Not everyone gets out alive. And I mean it this time!”

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