Dave Gibbons Dismisses ‘Before Watchmen” as “Not Canon”

Dave Gibbons Dismisses ‘Before Watchmen” as “Not Canon”

Dave Gibbons has dismissed DC Comics’ Before Watchmen as an out-of-canon project.

The artist and co-creator of the original Watchmen series said that the spinoff, film and video games cannot touch what he and Alan Moore created, reports Eurogamer.

“It was a little bit out of my control, but they actually paid me quite a lot of money to be a consultant on it,” Gibbons said of Before Watchmen during an interview at the GameCity Nottingham festival.

“I looked at two of the cut scenes and drew over a bit of artwork to show how I would draw it. That’s what they paid me… well, I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many thousand dollars for. But I was a distant consultant.

“I didn’t have a lot of input in it. To me anything to do with the movies – as far as I’m concerned, what Alan and I did was the Watchmen graphic novel and a couple of illustrations that came out at the same time. Everything else – the movie, the game, the prequels – are really not canon. They’re subsidiary. They’re not really Watchmen. They’re just something different.

“So I was quite happy to say with the video game, yeah, I like that, and I don’t like that, and, that’s okay, because it wasn’t really anything that impinged on what we’d done creatively.”

Gibbons has drawn some criticism for supporting the DC Comics’ prequel project, which Moore has strongly opposed.

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