Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/25/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 7/25/12

Secret Avengers #29 by Arthur Adams & Peter Steigerwald

I’m fairly certain, no matter how much of a badass villain you perceive yourself as, you would shit your tights if you looked up and saw this falling at you. That also seems to be a theme with these Adams covers; heroes falling in populated areas. The weatherman definitely did not forecast this! While the luscious Black Widow is the center of attention with that wonderfully flowing read hair and Uzis at the ready, I definitely enjoy looking at what every member of the team is also bringing to the table. Beast in the upper-left corner there is just terrifying! Great cover, now I’m going to go look for a much stronger (and bulletproof) umbrella.


The Manhattan Projects #5 by Jonathan Hickman

This is my favorite cover of the week, hands-down. It’s the simplicity of the image that speaks volumes, combined with the aesthetically pleasing combination of the blues and reds on the color wheel, and to be placed on a sea of white just seals the deal. I’d like this not as a poster hanging on my wall, but a mosaic. Think about it. The covers for this series still do a fantastic job enticing the reader to pick it up and skim through a couple of pages, realize how awesome it looks, and take it directly to the counter. Great cover, great series, what more could you possibly want? A cookie?! Keep up the great work Mr. Hickman.


Spaceman #8 by Dave Johnson

Well it’s no wonder he died! What, did he think if he didn’t chew his food before he swallowed, he’d just be okay?! This certainly is an eerie cover of sorts, but it does still give the viewer an idea of what’s going on it this astronaut’s life. Well, it’s open for interpretation from just the cover alone, but there ain’t nothing wrong with that! I think deep down, he wishes he were a pretty red girl. Or, it’s a daughter he loves so dearly. Whatever you make of it, it’s a enticing cover that has you observing the illustration for a while. Just don’t touch the sides or else it buzzes and his nose glows red.


The New Deadwardians #5 by I.N.J. Culbard

I absolutely love the color contrast for this cover! Deep, dark reds, suddenly pierced by an army of cool blue hands! Obviously they’re a little more touchy-feely to my liking, but I’m willing to make an exception (as long as they buy me a drink first). Observe the disgustingly twisted fingers on those hands, clawing their way towards that stronghold in the distance. Very creepy, very unnerving, and just the right amount of undead I enjoy in my comic covers.

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