Captain America Sequel: Soaring With The Falcon

Captain America Sequel: Soaring With The Falcon

As if news of The Winter Soldier appearing in the Captain America sequel wasn’t enough, it’s now been revealed The Falcon will also be featured in what is shaping up to be 2014’s biggest and best superhero movie. Anthony Mackie, best known for his roles in “The Hurt Locker” and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” is currently in negotiations to play mainstream comics’ first African American superhero.

This, of course, comes just a few weeks after the actor expressed interest in playing The Black Panther. While The Falcon may not be as popular of a character, Mackie would still have a very juicy part to play in “The Winter Soldier” should he in fact get the part. But who is The Falcon and what does he have to do with Captain America? Find out after the jump!

Born in Harlem, Samuel Thomas Wilson quickly discovered that he shared a natural kinship with birds of all shapes and sizes. His love for birds eventually led him to take up training pigeons, owning the largest pigeon coop in all of Harlem. However, his feathered friends could not protect him from the tragedy that was about to strike.

Within the span of two years, both of Wilson’s parents were murdered in cold blood. Feeling lost and angry at the world, Wilson headed out to Los Angeles and became “Snap” Wilson, a professional criminal, gang member and pimp. While on his way to Rio de Janeiro for a big heist, “Snap” Wilson’s plane crash landed on an island inhabited by would-be world conquerors and Nazi affiliates.

It is on this island that Wilson met and befriended Redwing, a falcon with whom Wilson felt a remarkably strong bond with. Eventually the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to fuse together the minds of both Wilson and Redwing, creating a “super-normal mental link” that would in time give Wilson control over all birds. Then the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube to change history and completely erase Wilson’s criminal record with the hopes that Wilson would befriend Captain America and eventually assassinate him.

Obviously, Red Skull’s plan were largely unsuccessful and The Falcon and Captain America have been close friends ever since. In fact, the two have often times acted as a crime-fighting duo as is the case in the “Winter Soldier” story arc. After a series of flashbacks detailing the death and rebirth of Bucky Barnes, The Falcon finds Cap swimming in a pool of his own thoughts.

With The Falcon’s help, Captain America sets out to dismantle The Winter Soldier and save Bucky from himself. The two travel to a remote fallout bunker in which The Winter Solider is believed to be hiding the Cosmic Cube and a huge fight ensues. The Winter Solider takes a shot at The Falcon, but he dodges it just in the knick of time thanks to the foresight of his trusty companion, Redwing.

One could argue that if it weren’t for The Falcon, Captain America would never have been able to put a stop to Bucky Barnes or the Cosmic Cube. Which leads us to believe that The Falcon will have a very crucial role to play in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” In fact, it could even prove to be the breakout role that Anthony Mackie so justly deserves. Here’s hoping that he lands the role!

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