Firefly At Comic-Con

Firefly At Comic-Con

No two words go together better than “Firefly” and “Comic-Con.” And with the show’s 10th anniversary coming up this fall, what better way to celebrate than with a panel featuring our beloved Joss Whedon and the crew of Serenity? Needless to say, news of this event was taken quite well at Splash Page HQ.

Science Channel, which will be hosting this bit of awesomeness, promises previously unseen footage and “numerous buzz-worthy surprises.” Here are five things we hope will be among those goodies:

1. We know that Whedon and writer/producer Tim Minear will be on the panel; it would be a real shame if other staffers like Jose Molina, Ben Edlund and Jane Espenson (who scripted this writer’s favorite episode, “Shindig”) weren’t there as well.

2. The same is true for the actors, both the main cast and the guest stars – we want the whole gang. Michael Fairman (Adelai Niska) is listed as a panelist, so it would be beyond shiny to see other “Firefly” guests like Christina Hendricks (Saffron), Mark Sheppard (Badger) and Richard Brooks (Jubal Early). Heck, I’ll even take Zac Efron, who played the young Simon Tam.

3. Someone – Joss or Nathan or the whole gorram panel together – has to sing the “Firefly” theme song.

4. It would be nice if the collectible bags that Science Channel is giving away are filled with Jayne hats.

5. It would be very, very nice if this sentence is uttered at any time during the panel: “There will be another movie.”

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