The Walking Dead Season Premiere Introduces Michonne

The Walking Dead Season Premiere Introduces Michonne

Michonne and her samurai sword are headed to The Walking Dead this Spring (yes remember I’m in Australia), though the matter of when the zombie-killing badass will arrive hasn’t been exactly specified. But in an interview with Ernest Dickerson, director of the season three premiere, we now know that Michonne’s first fully fleshed-out appearance will take place as early as the coming year’s opening hour.

“In this episode, we’re introducing Michonne in all of her glory,” Dickerson told AMC TV. “We get to meet her, and I know a lot of people have been looking forward to that.”

But even as Michonne is set to make her big splash this fall, Dickerson and the team aren’t forgetting about the greater “Walking Dead” cast. Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors will have plenty to do once they encounter The Governor and the denizens of Woodbury, creating all sorts of dramatic scenarios for the cast and crew to slog their way through.

“It’s human drama but after an apocalypse,” the director said about what attracts him to a show like “Walking Dead.” “It’s human drama after society has completely disintegrated… Our people have figured their way through one menace but now there’s the human menace, and now they’re taking advantage of the fact that there’s no law, there’s no more government. Who can you trust? It’s still dealing with pretty esoteric territory.”

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