Iron Patriot Isn’t In Iron Man 3

Iron Patriot Isn’t In Iron Man 3

A lot has been made about the impending arrival of Iron Patriot. The star-spangled supervillain has been spotted on the Iron Man 3 set on more than one occasion, leading many to wonder exactly what Norman Osborn’s “superhero” alter-ego is doing in the film, especially considering that Norman himself, as a Spider-Man villain, doesn’t belong to Marvel Studios.

Well, cast those questions aside: the Iron Patriot’s identity has been uncovered, and it’s not what we were led to believe. Keep reading to find out more.

According to the folks at Latino Review, who have been leading much of the charge on the “Iron Man 3” set coverage lately, Iron Patriot won’t be played by James Badge Dale. Despite appearances to the contrary, it was never Dale who was filling out the Iron Patriot suit, but a similar looking stuntman.

Instead, the Iron Patriot suit is just another incarnation of the War Machine armor worn by Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes, played by Don Cheadle. According to the site, War Machine’s new armor comes as a result of the United States government having had their hands on the “Stark suit for awhile, and apparently they’ve decided to make it more patriotic.”

Personally, I’m happy it’s Rhodey and not some villain (like Coldblood) sporting the Iron Patriot-inspired duds, but I’m hoping it’s not the permanent new War Machine outfit either. The red, white and blue suit strikes me as something that would work during a portion of the film — an early act iteration, or something he’s forced to wear towards the film’s final battle — but not for the entirety of “Iron Man 3” without feeling cheesy.

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