Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 6/6/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 6/6/12

Animal Man #10 by Travel Foreman

While they may be the cavalry, they ain’t no cavalry I’d want to be rescued by! As usual with Foreman, you get that great disturbing and gritty look with his art, and with this cover in particular, a very detailed final product. Everything from each individual feather on the wings, to the sea of skulls down below, this cover captivates you, and demands your undivided attention. After seeing legions of hybrid dog-angels, one must ask themselves, “Where is your god now?!” They almost remind me of a creepier army of flying monkeys, with Buddy as Dorothy and his goat friend as Toto. A much bigger Toto. Definitely my favorite cover of the week.


Extermination #1 (Cover C) by Michael Gaydos

At first I thought this cover (cover ‘C’ of ‘Z’ for this issue alone, mind you) was done by Alex Maleev. I can see similarities in the painted style. But then upon closer inspection, while it does have some Maleev feel to it, it’s definitely it’s own beast. There’s a lot of great stuff happening with this cover; the parasitic looking creature, the ruins of a city seen in the costume, all of these events surrounding this one lone individual. Who is this mystery man, and why is he being plagued by these situations? The muddled reds and yellows blend beautifully, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more of Mr. Gaydos’ work in the future.


G.I. Combat #2 by Viktor Kalvachev

If you’re a longtime reader of MAD Magazine like yours truly, then you may be familiar with a once-regular feature by Sergio Aragones called The Shadow Knows, where you’d get the real scoop of what the individual thought of or saw themselves as. While that feature was funny, this cover takes a slightly more menacing turn. I really crave the almost patchy look of the Grim Reaper shadow, because it really makes me study the design more carefully. The shadow almost mimics this Black Flag-fan-and-commando’s bandages with the criss-cross lines going on.  Lots of tension in this cover, but in the end I’d just take notice of the shadow, and perhaps abort the mission.


Sweet Tooth #34 by Jeff Lemire

The most dangerous man in the Sweet Tooth series gets his own cover? Then some major shit is about to go down in this issue. First of all, we only see his sinister red glasses staring right into our souls. Secondly, ghostly skulls are emanating from his cranium, which is never a good sign. Add the beautiful watercolors, and as a whole this cover is poster worthy, if not TPB worthy for an upcoming volume. Perhaps replace Jeppard and Gus in his lenses instead of the childhood brothers starring in this issue. Wonderful stuff.

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