Red Being Eyed As A Television Series

Red Being Eyed As A Television Series

Captain America and Thor are getting most of the glory these days, but don’t think the strapping young superheroes are the only ones dominating the comic book movie space. There are some other retired and extremely dangerous folks out there doing their part to keep the genre fresh and exciting.

Red 2 is already well on its way towards the masses, promising an epic showdown between Bruce Willis and John Malkovich’s former operatives and a new nemesis played by Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins. But the sequel isn’t the only place you might be seeing “Red” in the future. If Lionsgate has its way, you’ll get these salty old warriors on the small screen as well.

Deadline reports that Lionsgate is looking to create television series out of several of its big-screen properties, “Red” included. Having just acquired the property through its recent Summit acquisition, Lionsgate could easily make a TV show based in the “Red” universe, though securing talents like Willis, Malkovich and the other high-profile actors involved with the project could be considerably trickier.

In addition to “Red,” Lionsgate is also reportedly mulling over shows based on “Step Up” and “The Expendables.” It’s the latter of the two that has me particularly interested. As is the case with “Red,” it’s unlikely that Sylvester Stallone and his all-star cast would commit to weekly television, but the possibility of a shared universe between “Red” and “Expendables” is pretty damn cool to consider.

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