Titanium Rain is now a Radio Drama

Titanium Rain is now a Radio Drama

The controversial sci-fi war epic Titanium Rain is now a full-cast audio production available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

For immediate release:

The graphic novel series that made waves back in 2010 when it was banned by the Chinese government for portraying a fictionalized civil war in China has now made the leap to audio. In conjunction with the AudioComics Company, TITANIUM RAIN has been turned into a full-cast audio drama with cutting-edge effects and an original score by BBC composer Jonathan Sharp. The drama was scripted by the book’s author, Josh Finney, and includes scenes that were cut from the graphic novel because of space limitations. It is directed by William Dufris and features performances by Elizabeth Knowelden (Last Man on Earch), William Dufris (Lupin, Bob the Builder), Richard McGonagle (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Star Trek: Voyager), Lance Roger Axt (Honey West, Horrorscopes) and features guest appearances by Peter David (Fallen Angel, X-Factor) and Rich Johnston (Bleeding Cool).

Titanium Rain is a sci-fi war epic for the post-millennial age. In the year 2031 mankind’s survival instinct is put to the test when a civil war in China spirals into global conflict. Nations are destroyed. Millions are killed. And for many, like US Air Force pilot Alec Killian, survival will mean shedding some of his humanity in exchange for biotech and machine. Is this the ultimate corruption of nature, or the birth pains of a new chapter in mankind’s evolution?

Extended cuts from the audio drama and soundtrack can be heard at: http://titaniumrainaudio.com/

The TITANIUM RAIN audio drama and it’s original soundtrack are now available for download iTunes, Amazon.com, and AudioComics Digital Direct!

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