Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 5/23/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 5/23/12

All-Star Western #9 by Ladrönn

While the brown earthy tones really dominate the cover, just that dash of clouds and sky really makes the illustration as a whole come together. While the Night of the Owls event is currently happening in the Bat-family books, it’s nice to see them make a cameo on this cover in their own Western garb. The flinging of the knives adds some great movement to the piece, as well as the assassin herself launching at Jonah Hex with a few more blades ready to go. Great cover, I eagerly await this outcome!


The Unwritten #37 by Yuko Shimizu

I gave you blood, blood, gallons of the stuff,
I gave you all that you can drink and it has never been enough.
I gave you blood, blood, blood,
I’m the kind of human wreckage that you love!

Blood, My Chemical Romance

Batman, Incorporated #1 by Chris Burnham

So not only do we have the classic Batman & Robin action pose by the incredibly talented Chris Burnham, but as an added bonus we have a little hint of Jim Steranko surrounding the crosshairs. Not only that, but the colors red, yellow, and black mean ‘DANGER!’ in nature, so the implication of danger coming to the dynamic duo adds suspense. Then again, the crosshairs would be the obvious ‘duh’ here, huh?

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