Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 5/9/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 5/9/12

Higher Earth #1 (Cover C) by Frazer Irving

First things first; I love the cooler colors popping-off the warmth of the circle behind them. This sword-wielding duo had me at ‘hello’ when I first saw the press release for this series a few months ago. I’m a big fan of Irving’s dynamic style, and the background images have their own story to tell as well to the careful observer. The positioning of the characters feels intense as they make their way up, up, and away! Fantastic cover to start things off with, and I love the overall intensity of this image.


Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #5 by Dave Johnson

Reminding me of the movie posters from days long gone, this cover does a superb job at capturing the look and feel of the time period. The protagonist, Lobster Johnson, firing his way through an army of undead ghouls, while the villains are highlighted front and center. It may just be the layout, but I love that there’s no panel borders keeping everything separate. The images are the boundaries themselves. It all flows together smoothly, and really captures your attention. Another job well done by the Reverend Dave Johnson!


Mystery In Space #1 by Mike Allred

So that’s where Tobias Fünke has been hanging out! Actually, the more I study this azure alien, the more it slightly reminds me of a cosmic Dr. Manhattan of sorts. The theme being space and mysteries and the combination of the two, I really enjoy the inclusion of the toy robots and rocketships. Forget whatever psychic waves or transmissions you’re picking up; there are some awesome retro toys floating right next to you! Play with them already! Great job to Mr. Allred, for this cover is truly…out of this world.


Wolverine #306 by Chris Samnee & Javier Rodriguez

I think the main thing that draws me to this cover is just how outright bizarre it is. As if the floating decapitated head with blood dripping from the nostrils wasn’t enough, let’s make it look like Logan’s having some sort of brain lobotomy by actual-yet-freaky brains. Don’t even get me started on the inconvenient location for that cabin! Overall the image is simple and effective, and absolutely intriguing. The veins/tentacles of the brains are enough to make your skin crawl, and the blank stare from Logan is the cherry on top. Great job Mr. Samnee, you sick bastard!

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