Creators on Doctor Who Support Crazy Mary

Creators on Doctor Who Support Crazy Mary

It was announced last week that Doctor Who writer Tony Lee (IDW) will be penning the forward for Michael Colbert’s upcoming graphic novel Crazy Mary. “Tony has been a huge  supporter of Crazy Mary since the early DWP days and a good friend to boot.” says Colbert.  “I’m thrilled that he’s writing the forward.”

This news comes on the heels of artist J.K. Woodward (Marvel, IDW, Archaia) offering an original page from the IDW miniseries Doctor Who/Star Trek (May, 2012) to one lucky backer who supports the Crazy Mary Kickstarter effort.  “Almost 10 years ago I contributed to the creation of a Crazy Mary short,” says Woodward “I’ve always held out hope of coming back to Crazy Mary. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see it returning and to be a part of its creation.”

Crazy Mary follows a cyberneticly-enhanced mercenary who has hallucinations of a world nobody else can see. She also has spirit guides who give her clues along her journey. Crazy Mary was originally seen in the pages of Digitally Webbing Presents in 2006 as a series of short stories and was never completed.

The Crazy Mary Kickstarter was created by Colbert to raise the funds necessary to finish the remaining stories and compile the complete arch into one graphic novel. William Blankenship (Double Jumpers) , Ryan Sergeant and Josh Finney (Titanium Rain, Utopiates) will be contributing to the final Crazy Mary book as well as never before seen sequentials  by J.K. Woodward.

The campaign will run till May 14th with the completed book (if all goes well) proposed to hit shelves in August.

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