Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 4/11/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 4/11/12

Dark Matter #4 by Garry Brown

An explosive start to the covers this week! Garry Brown (as usual) blows my eyeballs away with another action-packed cover for Dark Matter. His covers remind me of the big blockbuster Sci-Fi movies that Hollywood loves cranking out, only if this were an actual movie poster, I’d be buying tickets to the midnight showing in a heartbeat. I love the jagged blasts from the guns, as the commandos are engulfed in flames all around. Add the destroyed spaceship above the title and this cover just kills it!


The Unwritten #36 by Yuko Shimizu

Donnie Darko; the later years.


Alabaster Wolves #1 by Greg Ruth

Maybe it’s just because I’m in the current mindset, but The Hunger Games slightly comes to mind when viewing this cover. I say this only because the gal with the knife reminds me a little of Katniss, and this four-headed specter is just another one of the game pieces in play at the arena. Seriously though, this cover is intense and intriguing, all rolled into one. I love the details in the long and tangled black hair, and the talon-like claws are just downright freaky. Even if I didn’t already see Steve Lieber’s name on the title, I would definitely would have picked it up based on the cover alone. Beautiful stuff!


Resurrection Man #8 by Rafael Albuquerque

Looks like Resurrection Man is The Flash all of a sudden, trying to outrun death. As awesome as this cover is, it just still kinda freaks me out a little seeing Albuquerque doing covers for other series outside of American Vampire. It almost feels like I caught him cheating on Scott Snyder, and this bastard is the result of him fooling around with other series. On a more serious note though, I love the different layers presented to us on this cover; map, death, and an active trail. The washes are gorgeous, and Rafael shows us once again why he is the master of his craft.


Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #4 Variant by Mike Mignola

As much as I marvel at the beauty of this cover, it upsets me a little at the same time. It upsets me in the sense that while Lobster Johnson is my favorite Mignola-verse character, I’ll never get a series starring him illustrated front-to-back by Mike Mignola. I remember the good old days (as many of us do) when it was Mignola writing and illustrating, with coloring by Dave Stewart. I understand that he’s a busy dude with the writing nowadays, but this cover just makes me long for that Mignola style on another Lobster Johnson miniseries. While I go cry in the corner, take a few minutes to take-in the essence of this cover, and then come join me. I’ll have the Kleenex ready.

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