Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight #054: 2012-04

Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight #054: 2012-04

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the April 2012 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 2 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Welcome to Heavenside
Only the Valiant

and 3 listeners:
Dave Beaty
Micah Stewart
Ian Gowan

Items mentioned:
p.32 (Bob Bretall) Fatima: The Blood Spinners DCBS 50%
p.74 (Bob Bretall) Before Watchmen: Minutemen/Silk Spectre/Comedian/Nite Owl DCBS 75%
p.96 (John Mayo) Batman & Robin #10 DCBS 50%
p.115 (Dave Beaty) Grifter #10
p.120 (John Mayo) Legion Lost #10 DCBS 50%
p.122 (Damian Smith) Batman Beyond #5
p.126 (Micah Stewart) Grifter TPB v1
p.139 (Damian Smith) Hellblazer #292
p.140 (Damian Smith) Invisibles Omnibus HC
p.153 (Bob Bretall) Kiss #1 DCBS 50%
p.182 (Bob Bretall) Planetoid #1 DCBS 50%
p.186 (John Mayo) Creator Owned Heroes #1 DCBS 50%
p.M30 (John Mayo) Winter Soldier #6 DCBS 50%
p.M43 (Bob Bretall) Infernal Man-Thing #1 DCBS 50%
p.245 (John Mayo) Idolized #0 DCBS 50% ** INTERVIEW – David Schwartz **
p.253 (Damian Smith) Bleeding Cool Magazine #0
p.302 (John Mayo) Power Rangers Super Samurai v1: Memory Short OGN DCBS 50%
p.308 (Bob Bretall) Bad Medicine #1 DCBS 50%
p.318 (Ian Gowan) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III: Century #3: 2009 DCBS 50%
p.324 (Sean Neprud) Harbinger #1 DCBS 50%

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