Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 3/14/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 3/14/12

Haunt #22 by Nathan Fox

Now that’s what I call a vacation! A margarita in one hand, a katana in the other, all while observing a topless ginger beauty crawling around on all fours over a bed of broken bones. Wait, what?! While the naked woman is very intriguing (as they always are), I found my eye wandering to the landscapes behind all the action. The green hills with freckled patches of red plants pleases me, as do the blue crushed bones in the foreground. So yeah, your eyes definitely get some pleasant stimulation from all the colors and images spread about the cover.


The Unwritten #35 by Yuko Shimizu

What more can I say about Yuko that I haven’t said already? She gives us nothing less than perfection with these covers, that I almost feel the need to induct her into a Cammy’s Favorite Cover Artists Hall Of Fame just to give other artists a chance! But where would the fun in that be? It would prevent me from sharing with you all her utter brilliance when it comes to her brush connecting on a blank canvas. Or in this case, text. Suppose it would form complete sentences if she got cornrows?


Journey Into Mystery #635 by Stephanie Hans

I absolutely love the use of colors in this cover! The fire just explodes right off the page and singes my chin hairs! The swirls really grab my attention as well, so nice use of serpents being incorporated in the battle. As if regular serpents weren’t bad enough, this guy ups the ante with magical serpents! What an absolute prick. I’d love to see this cover as a poster, but I gotta deduct Marvel (not Hans) points due to that annoying banner at the top. Banners; the destroyers of art.


Warlord of Mars #16 by Joe Jusko

I think my months-long dry spell is finally catching up to me, for this is the second cover this week that involves a topless woman. Again, nothing wrong with the female form, but it’s the other things on this cover that really seduce me. First of all, the whole image being seen as a vision is spectacular, as the whole scenario flows smoothly from his eyes like smoke from a fire. Then there’s the use of warm and cool colors, differentiating what’s going on through the eyes of the beholder. Finally, the use of negative space creeping-up along the sides, focusing on just the front and center. Usually covers from Dynamite Entertainment tend to be dark horses in this covers race, but I gotta say this is my favorite cover of the week. It’s just so enchanting, that I can’t stop looking at it.

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