Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 2/29/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 2/29/12

Hack/Slash #13 Cover B by Ben Templesmith

Ben Templesmith’s art and Hack/Slash seemed like such an obvious pairing to me. However, after a little research it seems this is the first time that Templesmith has provided any illustrations to Seeley & the series. What was the frickin’ hold-up?! Cassie embodies the creepy-yet-total-badass combination wonderfully, with the blood on her signature bat a very nice touch. The looming villain with the wall filled with hanging torture tools is the cherry on top, with the perfect use of lighting and colors. If I may be so bold, I demand more Templesmith & Seeley collaborations! It just feels so right.


Spaceman #4 by Dave Johnson

There are so many wonderful techniques the Reverend Dave Johnson uses on this cover. And because he’s a genuine master of his craft, it makes it that much easier to proclaim it as my favorite cover of the week, hands-down. The color scheme of orange and gray, with the mixture of cold and warm colors dominating the majority of the cover make the white bones pop-out that much more effectively and really draws you in to it’s design and beauty as a whole. Such a cool idea with the bones on the arms in crossbones formation, that it makes me wonder when will that tattoo idea catch on with the young folk. “You call that a sleeve? THIS, is a…radical radius?” I want this as a poster, I want this as a print, I want this on the hood of my car. It’s badass, it demands your attention, and it’s the reason you should be submitting your body and soul to the Reverend’s gospel on a daily basis.


T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #4 by Rafael Albuquerque

Goddamn is this an awesome looking cover. To me, this is what DC’s Ultimate rendition of the Flash would look like; a red-hot crimson blur, angry at the world, looking like he could explode at any moment. I’ve always been a fan of Albuquerque’s wicked style, but this cover in particular feels like he’s taking his game to a whole other level! This is what Hermes would look like if he was appointed one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; streaking down his message of destruction to our world. The last message we would ever hear before total annihilation.


Star Trek #6 by Tim Bradstreet

“The creature within me is gone. I am free of it, and the pain. I am also quite blind. An equitable trade, Doctor. Thank you.” -Spock in The Immunity Syndrome


The Unwritten #34.5 by Yuko Shimizu

Angelic. Purely whimsical and magical, radiating artistic beauty across the entire comic book medium. The fine details in her curly golden locks and hundreds of feathers just leaves me breathless, completely soaking everything in. I saw her face, now I’m a believer. The minute Shimizu opens a gallery anywhere in the world, I’ll be the first one in line to purchase a ticket. Perhaps one day, I’ll even be fortunate enough to own an original piece. Until that time however, we can all continue to glimpse at in awe, cursing the heavens that none of us will ever produce anything remotely close to perfection like Shimizu does.

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