Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 2/22/12

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 2/22/12

All Star Western #6 by Ladrönn

Rarely do we see any expression of shock or fright from Jonah Hex, but if you were to put yourself in his current situation, chances are you would crap yourself. Multiple times. I’ve fallen in love with the details Ladrönn puts into the giant bat, right down to every strand of hair. That bat face is just pure terrifying, for if the fright from the size alone didn’t kill you, those sharp teeth certainly would. Next thing you know, you’re a human Capri-Sun. Absolutely stunning cover by Ladrönn, and it’s definitely my favorite cover of the week.


Dark Horse Presents #9 by Mike Mignola

Want to easily have your way with me and my money? Simply have Lobster Johnson on the cover. Doesn’t need to be action-packed or anything like that, just the simple menacing pose will suffice. It works so well to have anything but black as the background, because then you can really hone-in and appreciate the beauty of both characters. This cover once again proves that Mignola remains one of the best cover artists in the business.


Incorruptible #27 by Garry Brown

The colors and loud images just screams “PUNK ROCK!” to me, and here I am moshing away to another Garry Brown cover. It almost feels like I dropped some acid, stared at this cover for a few minutes, and suddenly the dose hit me I could hear what the soundtrack was to this cover. I was transported back to the CBGB in the mid-70′s, and the Sex Pistols and the Ramones formed a Punk Rock Super Group, and the New York Dolls provided the colors. In my opinion, jagged lightning bolts make everything better. Oi! This cover is wicked! Oi Oi Oi!


Jennifer Blood #9 by Tim Bradstreet

Shot through the heart, and you’re too blame, darling you give love, a bad name…” – Bon Jovi


Prophet #22 by Simon Roy

At first glace I feel much like the main character; I was just dropped into this cover, and have no idea what’s going on. I find myself drawn to the beautiful muted coloring of this illustration, and the intense action between the two foes. Plus it’s a well-known fact that automatically any cover is improved by 46% when you include prehistoric flying reptiles. The gripping of the slimy tongue, the dagger sticking out of it’s neck, and the human ready to swing again with his machete; all beautiful details, which make this cover so damn awesome.


Secret Avengers #23 by Arthur Adams

Finally we get a sneak-peek of that Kevlar outfit that was sewn together with threads from goat’s milk. You know the goat I’m talking about; the one that was spliced with arachnid DNA. It makes perfect sense for Venom to receive the first prototype.

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