Shelter #1 on Indy Planet

Shelter #1 on Indy Planet

Shelter #1 was just pointed put to me by a friend and I thought I’d post it up here as a lot of the people who are involve in this are friend of mine and have helped me out when I have needed it. It is a 52 page black and while anthology that you can get from Indy Planet for only $7 who is a great Print on Demand service.

In Shelter #1 you’ll find tales of alien cowboys, teenaged detectives, walrus men, stale popcorn, plus a serious story or two.

“Shelter” is a 52 page black and white comics anthology, who’s proceeds are going towards “Food on Foot”, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the poor and homeless of Los Angeles with nutritious meals, clothing, and assistance in the transition to employment and life off the streets (You can get more info at “Shelter” has action, humor, and heart.

Written and Illustrated by Andrew Charipar, Keith W. Cunningham, Jay Fife, Moses Garcia, Harold C. Jennett III, Ryan King, Elizabeth Amber Love, Adam Markiewicz, Chris Murrin, Steeven Orr, Dean E. Stahl, Mark Stegbauer, and Thom Zahler.

Shelter #1 TM and © their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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