Bram Stoker Award Graphic Novel Nominees Announced

Bram Stoker Award Graphic Novel Nominees Announced

As comics become more accepted, we see more mainstream awards covering them.  The Bram Stoker Awards are from the Horror Writer’s Association.  The Stoker’s have added a graphic novel category and the nominees were recently announced:

Brosgol, Vera — Anya’s Ghost
Hill, Joe — Locke & Key, Volume 4
Jensen, Jeff — Green River Killer
Maberry, Jonathan — Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine
Mignola, Mike and Golden, Christopher — The Plague Ships
Moore, Alan — Neonomicon

You’re probably more familiar with the Mignola/Golden entry as Baltimore: The Plague Ships.

The (fan-based) Hugo Awards have had a comics category for a few years now.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the Edgars (Mystery Writers of America) added a comics category one of these years, since they recognize the format.

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